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July 8, 2013
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((Hi people! Welcome to the Hell hole known as my mind. Inside is kinky ass sh*t, yaoi, and things no one should ever have to see.

Well, save for those who wish to see it.

Innocents, prepare to be corrupted. Perverts, fap to this if you wish.

Got any complaints or compliments? Put 'em down here.


So now, without further ado, the oddest and kinkiest thing I've ever written, Sleepy Game! Or Ben x Jeff.

Oh, and the smut doesn't come till part 2. So enjoy part 1 first. THEN get your sexy on~

Now with a special guest~))

Neither Ben nor Jeff remembered when exactly they first met. The date that is. However, the two both remembered their first encounter.

Jeff had gone to a local bar in the Undergrounds when Ben first met him. The two began to talk, stories being exchanged before emails, phone numbers, and names of course. After that, the two contacted each other, and became friends.

Jeff had been living in a house in the Undergrounds with Slenderman and Smile Dog. Ben had been living alone in an apartment, and had actually been quite lonely until he met Jeff. The longer they knew each other, the more they started to like each other. Soon, Ben and Jeff went out together everywhere, best friends. They really understood each other well. The similarities between them were great enough that when one complained of their own existence, the other would understand just what they were talking about.

Then, Slenderman and Jeff had gotten into a huge argument. What it had originally been over, neither could remember. What it ended up being over was their friendship. It wasn't long before Jeff left Smile Dog and Slenderman behind. He moved into a house in the woods that had once belonged to Slenderman. Ben went with him, wanting to keep his best friend company.

Years went by. Time went on. Closer and closer the two friends became until finally, the bond of friendship was broken. Jeff caught Ben openly confessing his love to him. (well, if you'd even call it that) It was then he realized he'd also had feelings for Ben. The two fell in love and decided to date each other. A marriage ceremony was out of the question. How could they possibly get into a church? A little party to themselves would have to do. Something that would at least mean something of worth to them.

A fire was lit. Where exactly it was lit and why it was lit didn't matter to Jeff or Ben. But for some reason, it warmed them both up. It gave them heat, and light, and joy. Joy was an unfamiliar feeling to them both.

Sure, Jeff was cursed with his eternal smile, but it didn't mean he felt joy.

Ben constantly got a thrill on alcohol or drugs or something like that, but it didn't really give him joy.

Joy had come from spending time together. From nuzzling each other by the fireplace, sharing each moment together like a cheesy romance movie.

Oh, and the love making! Perfect to a T every time. When the other had something to do, sometimes they would feel their new scars hidden by clothing. A name that could never be erased, a gift that could never be taken away. It felt so good to them.

However, it didn't mean they stopped the murders. Fueled by their love, they killed many more together. Scared victims to death even. As a couple, they became terrifying. Drenched in blood, they'd kiss and laugh about silly things until they fell asleep in each others arms, only to leave when the police arrived.

Usually, about every Friday or Saturday, they'd go on a date. Ben mainly showed Jeff different spots he'd discovered through the Internet or had found walking around. Tonight, it was a park spree. The plan? Hold hands, enjoy the night sights, and kill whomever was in their way. How adorable.

The park they were going to had been abandoned years ago, and closed off for future construction. The construction never came to be. For some odd reason, every time someone attempted to build a mall, a parking lot, or something of that nature, everything went wrong.

The weather was great, and fit their date perfectly. Clear skies, a full moon, and a million stars over their heads, twinkling like little lights. It was getting late, making things all the better. Darkness was a friend to them.

Approaching the closed off fence, Jeff held his boyfriend a little closer, staring at the gate. "Hey Ben, after this, what do you wanna do?" The pale teen asked, studying the nature and such.

The dark trees were very tall and thick, and the grass below was littered with branches. There were no signs of humans being nearby or even inside. No footprints, no benches, no trash. Nothing. It seemed to be a place untouched by human society, undisturbed.

"Well, I stole some good movies from the last house we went to, since you'd talked so much about wanting to see one lately," Ben admitted, making Jeff's heart sigh with happiness. "We could watch it together." Ben knew what his Jeff wanted. Even as friends, Ben had always known Jeff well enough to know what he wanted. Save for a few embarrassing moments.

Damn, Ben was so romantic sometimes. Jeff would bet anything it was a bloody, gore filled horror fest, or a thriller that would make them scream and hug onto each other for dear life. That always made Jeff's night. "I'd love to Ben!" Jeff hugged Ben tightly, filled to the brim with happiness.

Ben grinned back as he climbed the fence, Jeff not far behind. Rust covered the whole fence, and it shook a bit with the weight placed on it. Thankfully, it didn't break, even though it appeared to be quite old. Soon, the two were in the woods, only having a presence of each other.

"I hope we find some people to kill. I really want tonight to be fun..." Ben smirked, giving Jeff's hand a small squeeze. Ben really enjoyed killing with Jeff, more so than he had alone. It seemed a bit more pleasant and give him more of a thrill out of it. To share such a secret with Jeff made them even closer together.

Jeff blushed slightly, gushing over all the attention he was receiving. Ben had this way of making sure Jeff felt as much compassion as he could, and it lured Jeff into the bed every time. It didn't mean Jeff was always on bottom though. Or rather, it didn't mean Jeff was the one completely submitting.

Suddenly, there was a snap of a branch. Jeff grinned, taking out a knife from under his shirt while Ben took two small knives from his pockets. They'd be ready for it.

"Mmmm, ready Jeffy?" Ben inquired, his devilish smile showing he was all too excited for this. Jeffy, Jeffery, and (only when the two were sure they were alone and in an extremely romantic mood) babe were the three common nicknames he'd given to Jeff. In return, he got Benny, Benjamin, Zelda, Link, and (once again, only on special occasions) Master.

Jeff nodded, giving his knife a stroke. Mind abuzz with all the possible ways to make sure this poor victim suffered, his signature expression came onto his face. Soon, he was feeling the weapon more, pale fingers having no hesitation or fear of being harmed. The blade was sharp, and Jeff had a great eye and a sadistic fuel like no other. That would mean trouble for whomever was about to come.

The bushes started to clear, and finally, they were about to strike like predators and destroy their prey. That was, until the very thing they'd been ready to hunt emerged.

A small brown rabbit twitched it's nose, staring at the strange beings in front of it. It wasn't every day humans came in. Or anything else like humans for that matter. Did they have food to give it? Well, the rabbit didn't smell or see anything, so it supposed it wasn't for that. Would they kill it? No. Didn't look like that anymore. Now the rabbit was bored. Uninterested, the little mammal hopped away, going back into the foliage.

Jeff and Ben lost their beams, Ben giving a cuss in disappointment while Jeff pouted and put his knife away. They didn't even react quick enough to kill the rabbit for being a distraction to them and wasting their time.

"This always f*cking happens." Ben groaned, kicking a nearby rock. He grit his teeth, kicking it again when he saw that it had only gone about 2 inches away from where it had been. The rock hit a tree with a good amount of force as Ben let out some energy. If the tree could have talked, it would have been screaming in horrible pain and cursing Ben for 1,000 years.

Not wanting to get hurt, Jeff lifted both arms up in defeat and defense. "It's alright, we'll kill soon, I'm sure!" Jeff attempted to comfort. The one flaw in his boyfriend he really couldn't deny was Ben's anger issues. He'd tried multiple ways to calm Ben down, and even thought of asking a friend to use Hypno therapy. Scratch that. He'd have to do it himself next week.

Ben took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright. If you say so." He grumbled, arms crossed in annoyance and to keep himself from punching anything. If only to be calm for Jeff. That's all he had to do was be a little calm for awhile.

Jeff wrapped an arm around Ben, starting to walk through the forest again. This would be the perfect time to charm Ben! (and attempt to top him) "I promise. And even if we don't, I'll still be right here, with my knife, and my perfect boyfriend~" Jeff kissed Ben's forehead, lifting the hat to do so.

Ben laughed a bit, scoffing slightly at the thought of him being perfect. Awesomely amazing and cool? Yes. Perfect? Nope. "Alright. And we don't even need to kill to have fun~" Ben purred, rubbing Jeff's thigh teasingly. Nu-uh. Jeff was not topping Ben. Ben would top instead.

Jeff pushed Ben lightly, laughing. There was his Ben again. Much better than angry, moody Ben. "Save it for later, Benny!" He teased Ben with his nickname.

"Jeffery, I feel a chill. I think I require your body heat~" Ben cooed in a mocking British accent, getting closer to Jeff and leaning in. Soon, their lips were only inches apart, and a light blush spread over Ben's cheeks. Ben's hand went a little higher, as he was still being a tease.

Face slightly pink with sweet hesitation, the pale boy only found it to be a joke for just awhile longer. Like usual, it took a blunt squeeze to finally understand. Jeff got the message, wrapping his arms around Ben and pulling him into a kiss.

It went on for awhile, neither focused on anything but each other. No tongue. They'd just save that for fighting over dominance. Looked like Ben had the upper hand for now.

It was over in nearly a heartbeat. Then came the crunch of an animal or person walking nearby, startling them both.

Jeff separated, taking out his knife again. "Even if it's a rabbit, I'll kill it for you. Then, I'll get all bloody, just how you like me~" His eyes were full of lust and bad intention, showing he too felt arousal. After a little kiss like that? How could Jeff be satisfied? There wasn't a chance.

Ben kept a good grip on Jeff's hand, not wanting to let go for anything in the world. All he wanted at this moment and every moment after was Jeff. "Shut up and kill it already." He panted, feeling a rush of energy. That was the best thing in the world. A mere thought of the scent and taste of Jeff mixed with the crimson fluid sent him on edge.

Unfortunately, Jeff and Ben were hit with what they weren't expecting. Oh no. This time, it wasn't a bunny or a human. Instead, it was thick, black tentacles that shot out of the darkness and wrapped around Jeff and Ben's waists, soon cocooning them.

Both psychos had no time to react as they were attacked. When they got to their senses, Ben kicked and bit while Jeff stared at the bindings in fear, his entire body shaking. No. No way. This wasn't happening. He wouldn't come. Not now.

The monster appeared, not even walking. Only appearing to glide as it's black tentacles pushed it to them. Like Jeff, his body was pale and white. However, he wore a black suit and tie, as well as dress shoes. The famous no faced figure towered above them. Slenderman had appeared.

Slenderman turned to them both, studying them. One terrified beyond belief, the other filled to the brim with hatred. What a wonderful combination of victims~ "Well, well, well. What do we have here? Jeff? Ben? In my woods? Making out like a couple of middle schoolers?" Slenderman knew them both very well, and they had used to get together constantly. Recently, they'd seen less and less of each other.

Jeff and Ben heard him in their minds, as Slenderman had no mouth. He only spoke through telepathy.

"Slendy...Slendy, please..." Jeff began to plead, not even bothering to struggle. There was no use. Jeff knew Slenderman was much stronger than them both. At least, in this position. Remembering their last encounter, he shivered, body ice cold.

Ben spat out curses, kicking, biting and screaming harder. His full rage came out, not able to be held back by anyone or thing. "THE MOMENT I GET OUT OF THIS SH*T, I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS HARDER THAN YOU COULD EVER KNOW! THIS IS MAJOR BULL SLENDERMAN, MAJOR BULL CRAP!"

A low chuckle could be heard from Slenderman as he went over to Jeff, lifting the trembling boy's head. "What a shame, Jeff. Out of all the people you know, you chose to love Ben. It's ridiculous sometimes, the decisions you make. Pathetic even. I can help, Jeff. I can show you what's right."

Whimpering softly, Jeff turned his eyes away, his head beginning to feel weird and dazed. "Stop...stop it Slendy..." He mumbled, fatigue coming over him. The strange, unfamiliar sense took over his body and made him helpless.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Ben screeched, face red with fury. Ben could take some abuse, and be angry. Imagine his rage seeing someone hurt the one he cared for most. "TOUCH HIM, AND I'LL KILL YOU!" Ben continued to threaten until he gasped, feeling his body being squeezed as hard as it could. That shut him right up.

"Ben..." Jeff whispered faintly, eyes starting to become unable to focus on anything. Soon, he could no longer hear Ben, or Slenderman, or anything. Vision began to fade as well. What was happening to him? Why couldn't he think of anything? Where was he? Why? Why was this happening?

Slenderman stopped his constriction with Ben, bringing him closer to his boyfriend. "See this? I'm going to re-write your little Jeff's mind. I'll let him keep his love for you, and all his memories. I just want to add a few things~"

"Jeff..." Breathed Ben as he gave Slenderman a hard glare. He wished he could kill Slenderman right now. "This is low. Even for you. Even for being one of us. You can't do this. Not to Jeff. He didn't do anything wrong. Nothing worse than what you've ever done."

Slenderman's face split open somewhat to give a chilling, pointy toothed grin. The teeth he usually reserved to consuming his victims. "Don't worry Ben Drowned. You'll be joining him soon enough. I just wanted you to be able to watch him fall before you did." He said simply. Although somehow, those were some of the creepiest words Ben had ever heard being said to him.

Jeff's head lulled forward, and his eyes stared blankly ahead. He nearly looked dead, only his breathing showing he was still alive. He resembled a perfectly dead corpse.

Ben just watched, horrified and out of breath. How could this be happening? How could he not be able to fight for Jeff? His Jeff that would laugh with him, snuggle him, and be as wonderfully adorable as he could be was now being hurt in front of his very own eyes. Ben grit his teeth, holding back tears. He wouldn't cry. Not now. He had to be strong for Jeff. For no matter what anyone else said, he loved Jeff more than himself or anyone else. Seeing Jeff in this state terrified him and hurt him more than Slenderman could ever understand. 'F*ck...Jeff, please fight're stronger than you think. Don't give into his power Jeff!'

Jeff gave no response for a long time. Not even breathing. He was blank. Totally blank. Finally, his head lifted. Jeff's eyes seemed to be even darker and deadlier than before. Blood stained his lips and yellow teeth, and his grin was now full of yellow and red teeth. Jeff's skin became sickly looking, going from pure pale to a nasty looking shade of orangish-yellow. In other words, Jeff had changed. A lot. "I'" He hissed, seeming to have some trouble speaking with his new mouth.

"JEFF!" Ben cried out, trying his hardest to escape the bindings. 'NO! DAMN IT ALL, WHAT DID SLENDERMAN DO TO HIM?!' Jeff just looked so different, almost unrecognizable. It scared the living crap out of Ben, but he refused to show it. 'Jeff! Oh dear God, why?!'

Slenderman laughed, cherishing Ben's heartbreak. How deliciously sinister. "That's not your Jeff anymore, Ben. He serves under my power. My control. He's a mere puppet on strings. From now on, he'll only listen to me."

That having been said, Jeff was uncoiled and set on the ground, standing up in a weird position. His feet were pointing towards each other, and his back hunched over slightly. Both arms remained at his sides, and he had not yet taken out his trusty knife. The same horrific and frightening face remained, prepared to obey the orders Slenderman would give him. "Only...waiting..." The puppet Jeff murmured softly.

"JEFF! SLENDERMAN, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!" Ben was impatient, demanding to know. This wasn't typical for Slenderman. Not in the slightest. This was so random and unexpected, Ben felt complete confusion. He wanted to know everything. Anything to save Jeff. "IS THIS OVER SOME DAMN EMOTIONS?! DO YOU LOVE HIM OR SOMETHING?! THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO SHOW IT, DUMBASS!"

Slenderman sighed and chuckled again. " Forgive me, Ben Drowned. I'm not doing this under my own orders. It is the orders of another one of us. They're stronger than I am, and they offered a great reward for my services. " He began to explain, motioning to Jeff. " It's true I used to have feelings for him. But I've changed. I have feelings for someone else. It does not mean I cannot toy with the last useless crush I had. "

Ben smirked slightly. So, not only had he been hired to do it, he enjoyed it as well? Typical true monster. "You're a sick f*ck, you know that?" Ben insulted, feeling disgusted by Slenderman's presence. How could he have ever thought of Slenderman as a friend?

" Oh yes. I know that quite well. " Slenderman confirmed, unaffected by Ben's words. Slenderman couldn't care less. A tentacle wrapped around Jeff's head, titling it up to stare at Ben.

Ben cringed at the stare of such empty eyes. Eyes that belonged to Jeff. Not even his true Jeff. One that he prayed was still inside this thing that took over Jeff's body. "Hang in there Jeffy. I'll save us. I promise." He hoped his message would at least touch Jeff in some way.

Slenderman shook his head. What a fool. Ben should have been a bit more cautious for where he dared to show up with Jeff. Now Ben would pay the price for a simple mistake. Then again, Slenderman was already hunt for the couple. Perhaps they would have stood a chance had the two been elsewhere. Here, they stood no chance. No one to hear them scream, cry, or plead. Alone with only Slenderman. " Now it's your turn, Ben Drowned. Say good-bye to Jeff. Forever. " Yes, forever indeed. For Slenderman was the only one who could release Jeff and Ben from his spell. Why ever do that? This was obviously going to be quite fun.

"Leave us alone! You damn traitor! I trusted you! Leave us alone!" Ben struggled once more, feeling his mind start to go blank. No! No, no, no, no! He made a promise to Jeff! He couldn't give up now! "Stop! STOP!" Ben screamed at the top of his voice, hoping someone would help them.

No help arrived. Instead, Ben was forced to plunge deep into his own mind, losing his hearing as well. Things were only getting worse and worse by the second, but Ben wouldn't stop fighting. They had to have a chance of escaping, and if Ben could just make it until help arrived, everything would be alright. Everything would make sense then. Ben just had to hold on.

Holding on was becoming too difficult for him as Slenderman used more force to get into his mind and take over. Ben groaned, tossing and turning, still resisting with all his might. He thought about what tonight was supposed to be like. How wrong things had gone. Ben wouldn't allow Slenderman to be victorious. Still hanging on by just a thread, Ben clung tightly to his belief that someone would come rescue them soon.

'How impressive,' Slenderman thought to himself. 'Such an awesome amount of stubbornness he possesses. It's a shame I'll have to break him. A talent like that cannot be truly harnessed under a spell. Oh well. I'm sure he'll still have plenty of power serving me.' He used his highest amount of power, a feat rarely used by him. Slenderman would not allow Ben to escape.

The amount of force became too much for Ben. He yelped and starting to experience the effects of succumbing to Slenderman. 'J-Jeff...please don't hate me for this...but I can't...fight...any...longer...sor...ry...' Ben's body went limp, both eyes shutting slowly. It took a few moments, but Ben stopped resisting. His eyes shut. And his mind belonged to the one and only Slenderman.

Seeing his triumph, Slenderman turned to Jeff who still stood patiently. " You've done an excellent job waiting. I will be done with him soon. In the mean time, do you wish to have a distraction? "

Jeff gave a slow nod. "Yes~ I'd like that a lot~ HEE HEE HEEEEEE~!" His head titled back and he laughed out loud, the maddening sound echoing through the night. A nearby flock of birds took off to the sky as if they knew of the evil brewing.

((To be continued in part 2!))
A Sleepy Game shipping, part one!

This took me SOOOOO long to do.

But it was all worth it...all of it...



Thanks for all the love this has gotten! I've never had something loved so much!

If you wanna RP with me, (One of my Creepypasta OCs or an original), then shoot me a Note, and I'll be there on the double!

I've doodled stuff for this, but my drawing skills suck. ;.; If you wanna attempt to do it, I don't mind one bit.
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